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Everyday, millions of people search the internet seeking help with money matters from people they can trust. But search results prioritize ads over authenticity resulting in fewer people finding you.

We launched Wealthtender to offer people a better way to discover and connect with the most reputable professionals and organizations in the finance community.

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    Wealthtender will publish articles throughout the year showcasing highly rated nonprofit organizations that help people with money matters. Add your organization to the Wealthtender directory today. You’ll attract new volunteers and donors who want to support your mission, gain media exposure and reach more people in your community who need your services.

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    Gain access to the Wealthtender Financial Network, an elite group of peers and financial professionals who share your passion for helping people improve their financial well-being.

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    Have wisdom to share with the world? Participate in short surveys seeking quotes from members of the Wealthtender Financial Network for use in articles published throughout the year. When we select your quote for inclusion in articles, we include a link to your organization’s website and profile page.

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