The Question

Is college worth the cost?

A broad question like this has a broad answer: it depends. It depends what field you’re going into. Many of the STEM programs I would argue are worth it. Broad degrees without a clear focus on advance skills are probably not, in my opinion. Ask any doctor, engineer, scientist, etc. and I think they’d say the cost was worth it. Ask a general manager of a retail store, perhaps not. Again – I’m making wild generalized assumptions here and there are exceptions to everything. I’m also prioritizing income producing ability as the rationale of choosing whether it’s worth the cost. But there are many cases where the cost is worth it because of the lifestyle it affords someone who is genuinely happy with the career even if it pays average wages. The biggest question you should answer is what you want to spend your life pursuing and how likely is that career to produce the lifestyle you desire? Answered question October 16, 2023

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