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Why Wealthtender vs. Other “Get Quoted in the Media” Services?

For financial advisors on a very tight budget, free services like HARO offer opportunities to get quoted in the media.

But advisors responding to HARO requests can expect to hear back from reporters infrequently as they are often overwhelmed with responses they have to sift through, some legitimate, and increasingly, many AI-generated.

With considerable noise and competition, it can feel challenging to stand out.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find PR agencies that charge thousands of dollars a month or hundreds of dollars per quote placement they secure on your behalf.

When you sign up for a monthly Wealthtender Growth ($49/month) or AGC/Elite ($149/month) subscription plan, you gain opportunities every month to get quoted on wealthtender.com, MSN.com, popular finance websites, and media outlets affiliated with the Associated Press and local newspapers for no additional cost.

Here’s a comparison of Wealthtender to two “get quoted in the media” services:

Service ProviderTypical Cost
Qwoted (Qwoted.com)$99/Month
Vetted (JoinVetted.com) $350+/Article

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