Get to Know FutureVault, a Wealthtech Innovator to Watch

By  Brian Thorp

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While the concept of storing documents online isn’t new, finding a white-label digital vault solution with enterprise bank-grade security for financial institutions to offer their clients used to be a tall order. Fortunately, times have changed.

An industry leader has emerged with a robust online storage platform that expands upon the table stakes of best-in-class security and compliance certification with unique tools and workflow features.

FutureVault is an innovative wealthtech company founded in 2015 that provides financial institutions with digital vault solutions based on patented technologies for their clients to safely store, share, and manage important documents. From its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, FutureVault serves clients across all major industry segments, including broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, retail banks, and stock exchanges, among others.

For organizations looking for a competitive edge, incorporating FutureVault technology as an integral part of their tech stack could become a powerful driver of new customer acquisition and increased client retention in a consumer marketplace where trust and security generally outrank all other decision-making factors.

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Five Questions with Kristian Borghesan, FutureVault Vice President, Marketing

We asked FutureVault’s Vice President of Marketing Kristian Borghesan to tell us more about the company, its digital vault platform, and how financial institutions benefit by using their technology.

Q: What was the initial idea that led to the genesis of FutureVault?

FutureVault was founded in 2015 by G Scott Paterson and Michael Bradley, on the principle and belief that information, notably our personal and financial information, is an asset class and must be treated and handled with the same level of care as one’s personal finances.


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This principle ultimately stemmed from a real-world “problem” that Scott (G Scott Paterson) continued to come up against while managing his own personal, financial, and business documents. In Scott’s eyes, the problem was quite evident; there was no solution that existed to provide the right structure, intelligence, efficiency, security, automation, and collaboration needed to efficiently manage the cumbersome work involved with managing documents and the processes around them.

Today, FutureVault’s mission is driven by the underlying thesis that every person will have (and use) a Personal Life Management digital vault to store, access, and manage their life’s most important information including financial documents.

In pursuit of building a best-in-class platform around the premise of taking ownership and care of one’s information assets, we’ve been able to successfully help wealth management and financial advisory firms scale productivity and compliance across the front, middle, and back-office functions through modern information management and secure document exchange solutions.

Q: What are the primary benefits that financial institutions and advisors gain from using FutureVault?

There are several materially significant benefits that advisors, and wealth management firms including RIAs and Broker-Dealers, are gaining with FutureVault that other platforms can’t quite offer.

Ultimately, it comes down to the three primary pillars of value FutureVault offers: Driving operational efficiencies and productivity; meeting information security and compliance requirements; and thirdly, enhancing the advisor-client experience by providing unparalleled value to clients.

For financial advisors and wealth managers specifically, FutureVault supports their daily workflow when it comes to document-related processes and exchanges that take place every second of every hour. Our platform enables advisors to essentially free up their time, save money, build trust, and scale their business.

All the above is achieved through several ways including automating document delivery and distribution, eliminating the back-and-forth manual exchanges, eliminating insecure and non-compliant file sharing methods, standardizing document request workflows, providing Trusted Advisors and third parties with collaborative document access, integrations to and with existing advisor tools and solutions, you name it.

Q: Can you share an example of a client success story using FutureVault?

There are several success stories to pull from, but what stands out most above all, is how our platform is saving firms (and advisors) significant time and money by improving productivity in many areas of their business.

We have heard from a number of our clients who claim that FutureVault has saved them, on average, 30% of their time and money in back and front office processes.

A good portion of this efficiency and time/cost savings is a direct result of the efficiency gained by materially augmenting document exchanges and automating the delivery of documents that include advisor commission statements, and monthly/quarterly investment statements to advisors, as well as onboarding documents.

Q: How do you suggest an advisor opens a conversation with their client(s) when it comes to FutureVault being used to manage the documents related to their relationship?

From what we’ve seen and heard from our current clients, there are a few important talking points when it comes to introducing FutureVault to your clients.

First, is the notion of providing clients with an easy, secure, and efficient way to access the important information and documents provided to them by their financial advisor or directly from the firm. This would include documents such as monthly or quarterly statements, onboarding documents, resource materials, market forecasts and summaries, financial and estate plans, etc.

Second, it’s about providing clients with the confidence in knowing that their documents and information remain safe and secure when exchanges take place. FutureVault equips Advisors (and firms) with the ability to provide clients with a client-facing portal they can directly access as a way of uploading documents, including the ones requested from them.

Third, it’s about providing value to clients that extends well beyond the nature of their relationship with their Advisors by providing them with their very own Personal Life Management Digital Vault where they can efficiently manage their entire life in a structured and secured way through personal and private folders.

Q: What additional features and innovations are you considering adding to your platform in the future that will benefit financial institutions and their clients?

Our team has set forth a very aggressive and opportunistic product roadmap that includes enhancing the overall experience and usability, building in more rich features to support Advisor workflow through automations, and importantly, driving efficiency across the entire organization from the back-office all the way through the clients through integrations to create a unified and seamless experience for the Advisor and their client.

📗 Quick Facts About FutureVault

Year Founded:2015
HQ Location:Toronto, Ontario

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