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A Chat With Kat

Health and Wealth

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Welcome to A Chat With Kat! On my blog, you can learn about fitness and finance, ask questions, and join in the discussion about important money and health-related questions. Topics include freelancing and self-employment, the journey to financial independence, living a meaningful life, and how to stay healthy on a budget.

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You Need To Check This Blog Out!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 5, 2020

Kat’s blog is one of my favourites on the FIRE scene. It’s a thoughtful and honest take on how she’s growing her passive income sidelines – alongside plenty of life tips on health & fitness. She also has a great active comment community so well worth getting involved – go check her out!

Avatar for Michelle Freeman
Michelle Freeman

Love Kat's Blog!

Rated 5.0 out of 5
September 4, 2020

Kat covers two of my favorite topics to learn about and discuss: health as it relates to body-mind wellness and finance – having both of those areas well cared for can lead to a happy and stress-free life. I love that she’s figuring out life as she goes and not afraid to be vulnerable through her writing. She has a wonderful tone and writing style – super genuine and relatable. Almost as though I’m reading my own thoughts sometimes! I definitely recommend checking out her blog!

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Liz Brenner