Semi-Retire Plan

Retire even sooner. Do work you actually care about.

Semi-Retire Plan

Retire even sooner. Do work you actually care about.

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The inspiration for Semi-Retire Plan

After studying business in college, I was frustrated that I still knew very little about personal finance and investing.

Why didn’t the public education system equip me for this important part of life?

So, I took my financial education into my own hands. I read dozens of books and personal finance blogs and I listened to money podcasts daily, for years. I started learning about FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early).

The idea of not having to work into your 60s (or older!) caught my attention. But, FIRE felt beyond my reach — I was not in a high-compensation field, I was just working an entry-level marketing job.

As I continued to learn, I realized that there is another option available: early semi-retirement.

Featured in: MSN, Yahoo Finance, G2, Databox, and dozens of other financial outlets

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