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MOKAN Wealth Management Kyle Hammerschmidt
Overland Park, Kansas

Serving Clients Nationwide


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Areas of Focus

  • Choosing a Financial Advisor
  • Compensation Planning
  • Investment Management
  • Social Security
  • Taxes

About Me


Since 2014, Kyle Hammerschmidt has helped pre-retirees reduce taxes, invest smarter, and retire on their terms. As MOKAN’s founder and principal advisor, he is our clients’ go-to partner for tax-efficient retirement planning and investment management. Whether he’s teaching a room full of pre-retirees at a retirement education class or visiting with clients one-on-one, his objective is to help others pursue their retirement goals in a way that supports their best interests.

Many of his clients previously worked with (what Kyle calls) “disguised financial advisors” who offered them a stack of statements, a diversified pie chart, hidden and confusing fee schedules—and no real plan. Kyle’s goal is to provide massive value to pre-retirees through comprehensive, tax-efficient retirement planning and investment management.


Kyle believes the financial industry is structurally flawed, and consequently, pre-retirees are not properly educated or prepared for their transition into retirement. That’s why he takes a “K.I.S.S.” approach to planning—he makes everything as simple and straightforward as possible—meaning no surprises, no hidden fees, and no fancy jargon or investment terms. 

Kyle has a distinct passion for retirement education, and from the start of his career, his objective has been to teach pre-retirees how to be proactive and take charge of their financial futures. In 2017, he founded Retire Ready Academy, an educational program that teaches pre-retirees and retirees about tax-efficient retirement planning, Social Security, and investment management. In 2020, he published his book, Retire Ready, and today he contributes regularly to Kiplinger and Rethinking 65.


1. Kyle lives in Overland Park with his beautiful (and incredibly patient) wife Amy and their three young children, Jovee, Jace, and Jordyn.
2. Kyle and Amy met while attending K-State but didn’t start dating until six years later when Amy was about to leave the country for two years.
3. Kyle’s dog Murphy once ate 24 chocolate-chip cookies in one sitting—and lived to tell the tale!
4. Kyle and Amy enjoy staying active and going to the gym together whenever possible. (Their biggest incentive? The gym’s free two-hour daycare.)
5. When thinking of a name for his first child, Kyle remembered a unique name from the Christmas movie, Elf—and now Jovee Hammerschmidt is the new head of the household.
6. Kyle has an incurable sweet tooth. He will never turn down a fresh batch of cookies or a trip to get ice cream.
7. Kyle is an avid Dallas Cowboys fan and tries to attend the Thanksgiving Day game every year. When he was 12, he had heart surgery in a Cowboys-sponsored hospital and got to visit the players.
8. His favorite date-night spots are Bristol and J. Gilbert’s.  
9. Kyle’s favorite place in the world is his home.


  • BBB Accredited Business

Primary Location

14221 Metcalf Ave #102, Overland Park, KS 66223

Meeting Options

  • Video Conference
  • In-Person
  • Phone

Compensation Methods

  • Fee Only
  • One-time Financial Plan

What to expect in the first meeting

1st Visit Expectations If you are like some of the people who I meet with you may be slightly apprehensive about the first visit. Here are a few things you can expect during our first visit: First, I promise you that there will be no pressure at all when you visit with me. Second, you may get tremendous value out of your visit even if we only meet you once. You see, we specialize in helping retirees and pre-retirees, who are in similar situations like yours, simplify their lives and gain greater confidence and clarity in their financial future. It would be most helpful if you could complete the Pre-Discovery online form prior to our visit.

Offers Investment Management



Kansas State University

Hobbies and Interests

  • Basketball
  • Entertaining
  • Exercising
  • Family
  • Golf
  • Grilling
  • Sports

Who We Serve

  • Baby Boomers

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