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The five-minute credit approval that took seven months

By  Lisa at the Traumatized Budget

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I was on the phone with the roofing company, giving them the humiliating details of my life (as one does), awaiting credit approval, when, just like that, Katy-who-was-helping-me came back on the line.

“You’re approved for $19,000,” she said brightly.

“Um. Okay, like…just like that?”

“Yep, you’re all set. The roofers will come out on Wednesday.”

The approval took less than five minutes. Getting to it took seven months.

The Leak that Launched a Budget

A simple-seeming roof leak last September started us on a path to this approval. It was a path of WTF — Wicked Tight Financing .  We put our credit cards away cold turkey, swore off even the smallest unplanned purchases, and saved like crazy.

The Path to Credit Approval

Here’s how we restructured our debt and boosted our lousy credit rating by hundreds of points in just a few months:

  • Through sweat and tears, we cut costs and hustled side gigs for a few hundred extra dollars a month. My husband graded extra papers at school. I turned to Amazon Mechanical Turk, UserTesting, and some tutoring and small editing jobs. We saved a tiny cushion, and kept paying down our credit cards, even in the face of setbacks.
  • At the same time, we used the equity in our home to qualify for a HELOC with a credit union that waived all our closing costs (as long as we keep it open for three years). Yes, that’s right: Our first step away from debt was to go into more debt. Risky.
  • We then shifted our more than $25,000 in remaining credit card debt over to the new line of credit, locking in a 5.75% finance rate on that old debt and virtually cleaning the clock on our credit rates. Lookie here:
Image from Credit Karma showing that my credit score is excellent again!
My credit score is excellent again! Image: Credit Karma

Credit Approval Today, Zero Balances Tomorrow

For the first time in years, the money conversations I am having in my head circulate around positive things: savings, possibilities, maybe even travel one day. I’m glad to close this first long episode of money management, and looking forward to the next one, still many years away: Actually being out of debt completely. Find out your own best debt repayment style here.

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