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We love our community of financial professionals and educators.
And sometimes they tell us they love us, too.
And for that, we’re grateful.

“I just spoke to a future coaching client who found me through the website. What you are doing is working, and I’m very appreciative.”

“If you take a more hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to your personal finances, then you might want to check out Wealthtender. Wealthtender curates content from professional writers, personal finance bloggers, podcasters, coaches and the like. It’s a wealth of information (pun intended). Whether you’re looking for tips on getting out of debt, making a career move, finding a financial planner (hello!), or something else personal finance-related, Wealthtender is a good place to start.”

Ryan Firth

Mercer Street

“I love the newsletters. Your insight is fresh, innovative, and funny! Its a deadly combo. 😉”

Budget Life List

Budget Life List