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We love our community of financial professionals and educators.
And sometimes they tell us they love us, too.
And for that, we’re grateful.

“I just spoke to a future coaching client who found me through the website. What you are doing is working, and I’m very appreciative.”

“I love that you are mastering this thing called SEO (search engine optimization). Because you all have done so well with this, I’ve received my first referral client from Wealthtender.”

Danielle Davis

Money in Matrimony

“If you take a more hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to your personal finances, then you might want to check out Wealthtender. Wealthtender curates content from professional writers, personal finance bloggers, podcasters, coaches and the like. It’s a wealth of information (pun intended). Whether you’re looking for tips on getting out of debt, making a career move, finding a financial planner (hello!), or something else personal finance-related, Wealthtender is a good place to start.”

Ryan Firth

Mercer Street

“I love the newsletters. Your insight is fresh, innovative, and funny! Its a deadly combo. 😉”

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Budget Life List