Wealthtender’s Finance Blog Startups to Watch in 2020

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With more than 2,000 personal finance blogs in the U.S. alone, it can be difficult for newer blogs and amateur bloggers to stand out and get noticed.

But with millions of people looking for help with money matters on the internet everyday, new finance blogs sharing the diverse perspectives and unique life experiences of their founders play an important role extending the reach and impact delivered by the personal finance community.

Wealthtender is committed to raising awareness of up and coming finance blogs and celebrating the success of amateur bloggers as they grow through the startup stage to reach new milestones and help more people achieve their financial goals.

We celebrate the rise of amateur blogs and their founders as they grow to become trusted resources for millions of Americans seeking help with money matters

Introducing Wealthtender’s Finance Blog Startups to Watch

Rising from Amateur Blog to Becoming a Business

With the launch of Wealthtender’s Finance Blog Startups to Watch, we’re excited to help introduce more people to the newest finance blogs and their founders. We also hope hearing directly from these creators will encourage anyone who has been thinking about starting a finance blog to take the next step. As you’ll read in this article, many of these founders have already moved beyond amateur blogger status on their path to building a sustainable business for themselves while delivering significant value to their fans and followers.

This article is organized in sections based on the month and year each site was launched. For example, sites launched in 2019 are in the “Class of 2019” section.

In many instances, we’ve included feedback from well established and successful finance blog owners who kindly agreed to review these new sites. We believe their thoughts and suggestions are valuable for the founders of these new blogs along with all readers who either own a finance blog today or are thinking of taking the first step on their own journey from amateur blog to business owner.

Each quarter, we’ll update this article to introduce you to the newest finance blogs with fresh feedback from successful blog owners. If you’re interested in participating in our Q1 2020 update to be published in April, new finance bloggers (less than one year since launch) please click here, or experienced bloggers (over 3 years) please click here.

Wealthtender congratulates all new finance blog founders on the launch of your sites and we wish you the greatest success in the years to come. Thank you for becoming a part of the personal finance community dedicated to helping people enjoy life more with less money stress on their path to financial freedom.

Finance Blog Startups to Watch Class of 2019
Finance Blog Startups to Watch (Class of 2019)

Budgeting Around World

Budgeting Around the World


Launched: December 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Amber McGill

Site Description: This blog is for budding Money Moguls and travel enthusiasts. My vision is for this platform to inspire, educate, and prepare the next financially secure world-traveled generation. I will share tools and resources that will allow you to make informed decisions about money and travel to help you leave a legacy for generations to come.

What inspired you to launch your site: After getting questions about how I am able to afford traveling consistently I realized that I had figured out something that many of my peers had not – budgeting. I wanted to share the advice that I’ve been giving to friends and family with people all around the world.

Favorite Article: $20k in 2020

Why is this your favorite article: My viewers can go on this journey with me. The fact that I’m writing about what I’m doing as I’m doing it makes this my favorite part of the blog. People have also taken on this challenge for their year, and I was not expecting that this would inspire others to do the same.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Take your time launching. Make sure you are solid in your content, your scheduling to keep producing content, and your setup if you post videos.

Making of Millionaire

Making of a Millionaire


Launched: December 2019 (Canada)

Founder Name: Ben Le Fort

Site Description: My Site has 3 primary features. 1. Personal finance articles. 2. Financial calculators and free tools for my visitors. 3. Personal finance courses and education.

What inspired you to launch your site: I created several free personal finance courses and one full length, paid personal finance course. I needed a “home base” for people to find my courses.

Favorite Article: 6 Things You Need to Know About Personal Finance

Why is this your favorite article: It serves as a starting point for anyone who is just getting started with learning about personal finance. For each of the “6 things, the reader needs to know” I also provide an action item. Something they can do right now to start improving their financial situation.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Think about your reader when you are creating content. How is the content your creating helping your reader and making their life better?

Mentor Feedback: Ben Le Fort is writing great posts in a way that really works well for casual blog readers, from solid subtitle hierarchies, to the use of bold and bullets to break up text. I think Ben should consider moving to WordPress.com for a free hosting solution that will better suit his needs as he grows the site, saving him some future migration hassles and risk to search performance. I love that he already has a one-week bootcamp, a video course, and a 30-day challenge, any of which he could add to his end of post call-to-action as a great way to build his newsletter audience.

Tom Drake

www.maplemoney.com (Launched February 2009)

Annies Inspo

Annie’s Inspo


Launched: November 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Lindsey Morris

Site Description: Annie’s Inspo was created to motivate and inspire women. Using side hustles to launch them into financial freedom. About living the best quality life and enjoying the finer things all while balancing life.

What inspired you to launch your site: I was tired of being in debt and wanted out! When I started seeing myself climb out of debt, I wanted to share the knowledge I learned along the way so people don’t have to struggle like I did.

Favorite Article: 10 Best Steps to Drastically Cut Your Monthly Expenses in 2020

Why is this your favorite article: Because it can inspire anyone to cut their spending.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Be consistent, people will find your work.

Money By Jake

Money By Jake


Launched: November 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Jake Allen

Site Description: Money By Jake takes a modern approach to money, breaking down technical barriers and making it easier for people to make, invest, and mange their money.

What inspired you to launch your site: Money remains a taboo topic, even in the tightest of circles. I want to change that and get people like me – mid-20s to mid-30s millennials navigating a growing career, family, and planning for the future – talking about money in honest, constructive, and progressive ways.

Favorite Article: How I Created a $2 Million Retirement by Age 28

Why is this your favorite article: It’s the most personal article I’ve written. I talk about my career, my salary, my savings, and everything I do to plan for and build wealth. I hope it can be used as a template for others seeking to find future financial security.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Just get started. Write a lot, publish a lot, and continually work to improve and grow.


Vision to Wealth


Launched: October 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Marilyn West

Site Description: Vision to Wealth is a financial blog to encourage and empower millennials to take advantage of their financial journey. We provide 1:1 coaching, financial literacy through our blog, and support through social media.

What inspired you to launch your site: To encourage others to start their journey and to show my community, it’s not about your income, and it’s about your commitment.

Favorite Article: 7 Things So You Won’t Give Up By February

Why is this your favorite article: It’s my favorite article because it encourages others to start their journey and provide them the motivation and tools to stay committed to the process.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Stay connected to your why and mission. If you do, your content will remain authentic, and you will forever attract your tribe.

Money in Matrimony

Money in Matrimony


Launched: September 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Danielle Davis

Site Description: Money in Matrimony provides practical steps to teach married couples how to improve their money habits by changing their mindsets. My goal is to encourage and inspire readers by providing them with the tools to:

  • Speak life into their current financial situation and create a more positive mindset
  • Improve the dynamic of their marriage as it relates to communication and finances
  • Learn how to better manage their finances, earn more money, and save for the future

What inspired you to launch your site: Money in Matrimony began out of my passion for helping others with their personal finances. I launched this site as a community for married couples who want to improve their money habits, strengthen their communication as it relates to money and change their money mindsets. Since money and the sometimes-negative actions that result from the differences in opinion surrounding money often lead to divorce, I thought this would be a great way to intertwine each of these areas. However; this is NOT just your average personal finance website. This site gives you the best of three worlds- Money, Marriage and Mindset!

Favorite Article: Everything You Need to Know to Improve Your Money Mindset

Why is this your favorite article: This is my favorite article because it purely focuses on mindset. Money mindset is a person’s individual thoughts and beliefs about money. Think of mindset as the foundation. If we don’t tackle the foundation first, then all of the other tools and resources, such as spreadsheets and budgeting apps, etc. will be ineffective. A mindset shift must occur first and then everything else should follow.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: I would advise any blogger to join relevant accountability groups. These can be either free or paid groups. Trying to figure out tech, social media, systems, etc. as a new blogger can be very stressful. Therefore, you want to find a mixed range of bloggers who you can bounce ideas off of, exchange feedback and suggestions with, and can point you in the right direction when you are stuck.

Mentor Feedback: I love the “Get ready to transform your life!” tagline. It’s upbeat and encouraging. When viewed on a desktop, the three main categories at the top make it easy to see what the site is about. Readers can quickly go to the topic that interests them most, or view recent blog posts. There are multiple opportunities to opt in for the checklist on the home page, which is good. Another plus is that the articles include Pinterest-friendly images, which is important, and the text is broken up nicely with formatting to make it more appealing to read. Overall, it seems like this will be a good resource for couples interested in a positive money mindset.

Jackie Beck

www.jackiebeck.com (Launched February 2011)

Stack Your Dollars

Stack Your Dollars


Launched: September 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Martina

Site Description: Stack Your Dollars was created to help others make better personal finance decisions, save for their future, and live a debt-free lifestyle. It not only teaches ways to save and make more money, but also topics like how to use a credit card or write a check. The #1 mission of this website is to help others become financially stable and not feel stressed around the topic of money.

What inspired you to launch your site: Going through life, including the military life, I’m constantly seeing the struggles of my peers around me. Watching others make horrible financial decisions, I’ve always wanted to just take them aside and educate them; however, people don’t take kindly to unsolicited advice. This is why I created my website, I can put all the information and resources here that I wish people knew about. In this way, they can chose to read it and take the advice or simply ignore it.

Favorite Article: How To Live On $2500 A Month: Budget Breakdown

Why is this your favorite article: It’s hard to chose one article as my “favorite”, but I believe my budget breakdown really shows people how they can lower their cost of living. It serves as a real example that it’s possible to live on a frugal budget, and I did this in one of the most expensive cities in America! I’m hoping that the article inspires others to start taking control of their finances.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: I’m a part of blogging groups and see others that try to find a money-making topic to write about – don’t do that! Write what you know and are passionate about and you’ll engage your readers better.

Started at 50

Started At 50


Launched: August 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Becky Heptig

Site Description: Basic Personal Finance Through the Lens of Faith. Topics will include how to get started handling your money, how to be a good steward of your money, a life of generosity, and what the Bible says about money with a sprinkling of our own experiences in retirement and caring for aging loved ones.

What inspired you to launch your site: My husband and I spent many years making poor choices with our money which eventually affected our marriage and our family. Our turnaround came first through Dave Ramsey (about age 50) and then with our discovery of the FI community. Our journey took us from thinking we would NEVER get out from under the debt we were creating every day just to live to retiring at 63. Not early by most standards, but early for us! Now, my passion is to help others gain the skills needed to put their finances in order and create a life of good stewardship and generosity. My hope is to keep others from walking through the same pain it took for me to get my financial house in order.


Why is this your favorite article: This article is “Our Story”. It has already had a big impact on people because of its message of hope. It communicates the message of “It’s Not Too Late”. It’s never too late to make positive changes for your future.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Don’t be afraid to try and don’t give up. It’s been hard to figure out how to do just the basics of blogging, but it’s so rewarding to read a comment from someone who’s financial trajectory has been changed by your words.

Mentor Feedback: First of all, I love the name. It’s easy to remember and speaks directly to the intended personal finance audience. From a user experience standpoint the site has a clean, simple feel, which I’m sure is much appreciated for users that might be navigating around a personal finance website for the first time in their lives. On a deeper level, I think the mission of this site is important. It’s easy to get caught up in thinking that personal finance websites are only for the young or the currently wealthy. The reality is that it’s for everyone, and it’s never the wrong time to get started!

Bobby Hoyt

www.millennialmoneyman.com (Launched January 2015)

Financial Wolves

Financial Wolves


Launched: July 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Kyle

Site Description: The alpha and beta perspectives to help you make money with side hustles.

What inspired you to launch your site: I’m passionate about making extra money. It’s much harder to make more money than it is to cut expenses. Therefore, I’m here to do the dirty work to help you find the right side hustles and strategies to increase your income.

Favorite Article: How to Make Money Online: 5 Ways to Make Over Six Figures Online

Why is this your favorite article: This is a full guide to my philosophy and my DNA for increasing my income. It outlines the best ways to help you make more money.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Play the long game. Generally speaking, blogging isn’t a business that scales overnight. You need to develop repeatable habits of hard work and persistence with content. Ensure you create quality content. Your product is your content.

Logic of Money

The Logic of Money


Launched: July 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Austin Weyenberg

Site Description: The Logic of Money is a personal finance education site that writes about saving money, debt, retirement planning, credit cards, and credit building/repair.

What inspired you to launch your site: I launched The Logic of Money because I have had a passion for finance for a long time and I wanted to do my part to help encourage financial literacy. It is unfortunate that in today’s world, so many people don’t understand the importance of money and I want to help bring awareness to that.

Favorite Article: How Much Money Do You Need to Retire: Are you on track?

Why is this your favorite article: This is my favorite article because it makes people realize how important saving and investing really is. Retirement is something everyone will do or want to do someday. Not everyone has a desire to buy a car or buy a house and not even one needs to pay down student loans. Everyone will at some point retire however and this article puts that into perspective.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Don’t get into blogging to try to make a quick buck. If you are truly passionate about something and just want to share it with the rest of the world, then starting a blog might make sense for you.

Mentor Feedback: I love the name as it appeals to a very specific person — someone who views themselves as logical. And the overall look of the site (with its blocks and low-key color scheme) goes along well with the name. That said, I’m not too sold on the bright green that appears as an accent color throughout the site. Also, in the top menu, the menu options text is very small and could be difficult to read for some. Also, I notice that some posts do not have an author associated with them (e.g. https://www.thelogicofmoney.com/pros-cons-secured-credit-cards/). From both a user experience and an SEO perspective, I would recommend associating an author with each post. When it comes to important topics that affect my life like money, I definitely want to know who’s creating the content.

Logan Allec

www.moneydoneright.com (Launched February 2017)


Educator FI


Launched: July 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Ed

Site Description: Educator FI focuses on the pursuit of financial independence from an educator perspective. It’s about building wealth while doing work that matters by recognizing our professional advantages and making intentional changes. I share a mix of educator specific finance information and real examples from our journey to financial independence.

What inspired you to launch your site: Public educators typically do the work out of passion and dedication to students but don’t talk about finances. This leads to the constant pervasive myth that educators are doomed to poverty. My wife and I were clueless about money into our 40s. Then, we started learning and have turned our finances around. It has made a huge difference to our quality of life and job satisfaction. I wanted to share that with other educators and support those who aren’t necessarily trying to escape their jobs, but want to do it without constant money stress.

Favorite Article: Unexpected Benefits of Downsizing Your Home To Save Money

Why is this your favorite article: This one isn’t educator specific, but it’s about the most significant step we’ve taken to change our financial lives. It also illustrates that by taking intentional action related to our finances, we were actually able to increase our quality of life while dramatically accelerating our financial independence timeline. Far too often we equate spending with success and happiness. Our experience shows that the opposite can be (and often is) true!

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Get clear as soon as you can about the purpose of your blog and focus on that. Blogging will take more time and persistence than you expect, so you need to be passionate about those goals. Do not expect instant success with traffic or money. Write what will help your readers and success will come with time.

Mentor Feedback: Educator FI fills a void in information for teachers and other educators on the path to FI (and money in general). The site is clean, easy to read, and the articles are in-depth. I love the charts and tables in many articles. Solid content, with a solid mission.

Robert Farrington

www.thecollegeinvestor.com (Launched September 2009)

Cash for Tacos

Cash for Tacos


Launched: April 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Melody Fanslau

Site Description: Cash for Tacos is a blog dedicated to helping people spend wisely, save intentionally and create a life they love. At Cash for Tacos, we believe in pushing readers to think differently about how they approach their money while providing them the tools and insights they need to balance saving for their future and living their life now.

What inspired you to launch your site: I launched Cash for Tacos because I wanted to shout from the rooftops how taking control of your finances can feel so empowering. Before I started on this journey, I had no clue that by making conscious, intentional financial decisions, I could start using my money to help me create a life I wanted instead of simply living a life to make money. After this realization, putting it into practice, and not only seeing, but feeling the results, I became passionate about personal finance and had to share my excitement and learnings with others.

Favorite Article: It’s OK to Feel Guilty About Spending Money

Why is this your favorite article: I love this article because of its honesty. I was struggling with feelings of guilt after spending money and I couldn’t figure out why. This article takes the reader on a journey through my thought process with the hope that it will resonate and help others work through their own feelings of guilt.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Let your truth shine. Your experiences, good and bad, are what differentiate you from other bloggers. When sharing your experiences, you might be surprised at how many readers relate to exactly how you felt when you were frustrated, and how your own solutions can help them on their path.

Mentor Feedback: “Cash for Tacos” is fun and easy to remember the brand name from a typically boring subject. The navigation is easy to use and not overwhelming to a visitor. Every blog post has a call-to-action (CTA) to the mailing list, so you convert one-time visitors to a loyal fan-base.

Larry Ludwig

www.larryludwig.com (Launched Investor Junkie December 2009; Sold July 2018)

Budget to be Free

Budget to be Free


Launched: March 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Samara

Site Description: Sharing my story of my journey to become debt free and teaching what I learn along the way.

What inspired you to launch your site: I like personal finance since I found out about it in my twenties. I am always reading books, blogs, and listening to podcasts. I finally got the courage to write what I know and share my story. I want to help others to budget so they can be free to do what they want to do.

Favorite Article: 10 Ways to Have Fun on a Budget without Breaking the Bank

Why is this your favorite article: I wrote this article after I taught a webinar on this subject in the BeFree Circle. I push past my shyness and gave out some good information.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: I would say just start. Don’t compare yourself to others. Also join Facebook Groups that are in your industry and get an accountability partner. Use YouTube to help you with setting up your blog and learning other stuff. Also research other blogs or Pinterest to help you out.




Launched: February 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Andrew Kerr

Site Description: Achieve Financial Independence through Real Estate Investing – Andrew shares his process of house hacking and real estate investing that got him to lean FIRE in 2016. He also has weekly case studies of house hackers featured on his podcast, The House Hacking Podcast.

What inspired you to launch your site: I had people asking me how I built the financial stability and lifestyle I now have, and how they can do it as well. In addition, people would ask is there one thing I could do that will make a big impact. My answer to these questions is to now point folks to the blog and podcast.

Favorite Article: House Hacking – The Ultimate Guide about Doing a House Hack

Why is this your favorite article: It is a simple quick read on the one single change that we can make, that has a huge impact on your life financially.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Plan your content out, and then execute on producing consistent quality.

AJ Mobile Money

AJ Mobile Money – Mobile Money Nation


Launched: February 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: AJ

Site Description: I review financial apps for investing, checking, savings, HSA’s, Cash Back Apps, and more. My goal is to help and motivate people to get started with investing. Investing for Beginners, to put it simply.

What inspired you to launch your site: I didn’t grow up learning much about personal finance or investing. As I began to learn more and share this information with friends, I realized how few were actually investing, and I was often explaining how things worked. I was also usually the first in my friend groups to know about a specific application or financial account and make referrals to them. So I decided to start a YouTube Channel and Blog initially to have a resource to share with my friends, but also to take the information I was learning and share it with more people! I want every person in America to get started with investing!

Favorite Article: Why Stock Back Apps Are the Best Investment Apps for New Investors

Why is this your favorite article: It takes away the “I don’t have any money to invest” excuse.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Talk about what you’re interested in, and try to find a way to make money talking about things you would discuss with a friend or family member even if you didn’t have the Blog. If you do this you will always have something to talk about, and when you’re not making a lot of money starting off, it won’t feel so bad.

Government Worker

Government Worker FI


Launched: January 2019 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: GovWorker

Site Description: Government Worker FI is a website focused on personal finance and financial independence for government employees.

What inspired you to launch your site: I couldn’t find many voices in the financial independence movement that talked about how to account for pensions and the potential loss of a pension with early retirement.

Favorite Article: Gluten free for less: How we feed our family of 5 for $1.25 per person per meal on a gluten free diet

Why is this your favorite article: I’m proud of our grocery budget. We keep our grocery spending less than $600 per month on average for our family of five!

What advice do you have for future blog owners: I’d encourage future blog creators to not compare themselves to other bloggers. Instead celebrate your own writing!

The Curious Frugal

The Curious Frugal


Launched: January 2019 (Canada)

Founder Name: Suchot Sunday

Site Description: The Curious Frugal is a personal finance website dedicated to helping moms live well on a budget, learn to manage their money, and find flexible work-from-home jobs.

What inspired you to launch your site: I have been frugal and a saver for as long as I can remember. I graduated university debt-free, and started investing when I was 20 years old. Because I’m more careful with money, I’ve been able to take time off, go on longer trips, take sabbaticals, and still save money on a part-time income. This summer my husband and I will have our mortgage completely paid off and be fully debt free! From realizing how many people are in debt or on a budget, I want to help particularly moms who might be overwhelmed with financial stuff, to learn more about personal finance in a very supportive environment.

Favorite Article: Side hustle ideas: How I made $2,300 at home while my toddler napped

Why is this your favorite article: This article is perfect for my readers! They are mainly moms who want to work from home or have a side gig so they can spend more time at home with their kids. I go into detail about one particular side hustle I started when my daughter was just a baby, and still work at two years later. There are also many other side gig options in this article, all of them flexible and perfect for moms that want to work from home.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: If you’re interested in starting a finance blog, start now. Start with one post. Even if you don’t have a lot of time, it’s better to get your site up there and have it start aging. You can work on it and improve it over time. There’s no perfect time, but now is pretty darn good.

Finance Blog Startups to Watch Class of 2018
Finance Blog Startups to Watch (Class of 2018)

Budget Girl

Budget Girl


Launched: November 2018 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Sarah Wilson

Site Description: Who runs the world? Every woman can and should empower themselves to master their money, regardless of their income. Here at Budget Girl, you’ll find resources and tips on living a frugal, full and fearless life, from making your first budget to building your legacy. I’ve got free personal finance resources on debt payoff, making money, investing and diversifying your income and more: all to help you build the life of your dreams. 

What inspired you to launch your site: I’ve had a presence online as a financial YouTube vlogger for nearly six years, which has been incredible for connecting with other people passionate about improving their money habits and lives. Creating the site was a way to provide more value for my online community in a place where I can have full ownership over the space and mold it into a place that will serve my readers.

Favorite Article: How to Deal with Personal and Professional Jealousy

Why is this your favorite article: This article deals with something that all women (and men) deal with, but no one talks about openly – personal and professional jealousy. Especially as women, we are never supposed to admit to this emotion and therefore we have very little practice dealing with it in a healthy and productive way. The content of this piece would not have been successful in video format due to the nature of it. I exposed some unattractive but very natural parts of myself and how I worked through it and the response was over a hundred messages from people reaching out and saying they had dealt with or were dealing with the same issue and thanked me for being transparent about struggling with it. I think it helped a lot of people, which is incredibly rewarding.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Websites are not cheap. They may have been at one time, but it’s not the case anymore. Budget for hosting, themes, security, having to hire a graphic designer or web specialist to help out if something breaks, e-newsletter services, and more. And don’t ignore basic SEO.

Mentor Feedback: Great domain, you need to work on site speed, Page Speed Insights gives you a 0 or a 1, and that’s going to be bad for user experience as well as SEO. Your first contentful paint takes 9.5 seconds. Consider making a “start here” page to give people a starting point to help them gain an understanding how how to navigate the site. Use a stronger call to action on your newsletter signup links – “budget fun” is vague. Your description of Budget Girl does seem to appear anywhere on the site and would be a great start for a Start Here page. The Subscribe button at the top of the page just jumps you to the bottom of the page, I think it’s missing a form to fill out? Or maybe you mean to show the side bar where it says “Join My Mailing List!” It’s unclear. The content on the site is great and once you get the speed worked out, it’ll get a chance to really shine.

Jim Wang

www.wallethacks.com (Launched September 2015)

The Fioneers

The Fioneers


Launched: September 2018 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Jessica

Site Description: Our motto at the Fioneers is “The journey should be remarkable as the destination.” This means that while we are focused on reaching financial independence, we are enjoying the journey along the way. We don’t want to throw away the next ~10 years of our lives just to reach financial independence earlier. Instead, we want to discover our passions and create a life that will allow us to achieve both. Since starting our journey, we have already begun to achieve incremental freedom along the way. This freedom will only increase over time. We’ve begun to leverage it to design a life that we want to live today.

What inspired you to launch your site: We started the Fioneers as a way to track our nontraditional journey to financial independence. We felt like we had a different FI message. Ours is a message of small shifts and transforming your life along the way. Then, when you hit your FI number, you don’t actually need to change anything about your lifestyle.

Favorite Article: Slow FI: The Real YOLO

Why is this your favorite article: We coined the term “Slow FI” as a way to describe an approach to financial independence that balances the enjoyment of the journey with the goal of reaching full FI. Slow FI encompasses every intentional decision that someone makes on their journey to FI to make their life better (even if it doesn’t necessarily make financial sense). This includes mini-retirements, part-time work, semi-retirement, seasonal work, finding an enjoyable job that pays less, starting your own business, etc. This idea is countercultural, and we’ve heard from many readers that it has impacted the way they are pursuing FI.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Learn to enjoy the process of writing! Regardless of whether I ever make money from the blog, I love creativity, personal growth, and the resulting community interactions.

Mentor Feedback: I like the overall clean and minimalist theme of the site, as well as easy access to social media and about page. The domain name is great, short and easy. The top menu is also clean, with just 4 categories to pick from. Great motto “The journey should be remarkable as the destination.”, which should have its place on the homepage. It is great that you are keeping with a frequent writing schedule, and both your voices are present on the site. I love that the posts are on much broader topics than just money, because it is about a global life journey and not just the growth of your bank account.

Pauline Paquin

www.reachfinancialindependence.com.com (Launched July 2012)

The Frugal Physician

The Frugal Physician


Launched: July 2018 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Disha

Site Description: I help physicians and other high income professionals pay off their student loans and build a solid plan for financial success. I am a mother, a wife, and a primary care physician trained in internal medicine. My family was the typical physician household that inflated our lifestyle right out of residency. We found ourselves deep in student debt and unhappy, even though we supposedly had everything. Reluctantly at first, we found the utility of frugality and it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to us. We paid off over $200k in student loans in a year and a half and are now swiftly making our way toward financial freedom.

What inspired you to launch your site: I always wanted to learn how to be good with money but I got lost in the weeds more often then not. Then, I found the key steps and my family was able to pay off $100k of student loans in 6 months. I was astounded that it was relatively simple. So, I decided to write an essay about it. Then, I needed a place to publish it, so I started a blog. Since then, the positive response has been overwhelming and I am encouraged to keep it going!

Favorite Article: How I paid $100,000 on Student Loans in 6 months!

Why is this your favorite article: This was the first article I ever wrote on the site and the one that started this whole journey. It is still my favorite.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Write quality material consistently and devote some time to promoting it. While blogs are time consuming, I’ve found the process to be so incredibly rewarding. I don’t plan on giving it up anytime soon!

Mentor Feedback: The Frugal physician features a female physician working to get out of debt while becoming more intentional with spending decisions. Her writing challenges readers to become more intentional with their money without feeling judged. The blog is visually appealing with colorful pictures that stay on theme and well broken up text. The transparency, personal photos, sidebar showing where she has been featured, and highlighting her Plutus award nomination all add credibility for readers.

Chris Mamula

www.caniretireyet.com (Launched October 2011)

Poised Lifestyle

The Poised Lifestyle


Launched: March 2018 (U.S.A)

Founder Name: Sahirenys Pierce

Site Description: The Poised brand and blog is focused on helping millennial women balance their finances and their lifestyle with purpose. You will find personal finances blogs and videos as well as recipes and lifestyle tips to promote saving money and time.

What inspired you to launch your site: As a Latina millennial mom, I saw a gap of information and guidance in the personal finance space. I decided to share my financial knowledge and share some personal content to help inspire and motivate others on their financial journey.

Favorite Article: The High-5 Banking Method

Why is this your favorite article: It amazes me that in every heartache there is still a lesson to be learned. I created the High-5 Banking Method right after my 6-month-old son’s successful open-heart surgery. During this incredibly stressful time, I realized how valuable it was to have your banks separated for specific purposes. I was able to save for my son’s surgery and not have to deal with the financial stresses during this time.

What advice do you have for future blog owners: Speaking from the heart of experiences you’ve gone through is the best way to help others with their finances. Giving basic stats and making people feel bad about their spending habits won’t make a difference in the world. Be authentic and sympathetic to the human factor of managing money. That is the best advice that I constantly remind myself of when creating content.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is not intended to encourage any lifestyle changes without careful consideration and consultation with a qualified professional. This article is for reference purposes only, is generic in nature, is not intended as individual advice and is not financial or legal advice.

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