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Should You Delay Taking Your Social Security Benefits?

Opher Ganel, Ph.D.

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What Is a National Social Security Advisor (NSSA)?

Ash and Pri


Ask an Advisor: My husband passed away, and I am 63. I still work full-time and earn more than $21,300. For Social Security, do your earnings count minus your pretax health plan and your 401(k), or does it go by your actual earnings?

Michael Acosta, CFP®


Ask an Advisor: I am 61. My former husband died last year. We were married for over 10 years but ultimately divorced. Am I entitled to apply for any Social Security survivor’s benefits?

Mike Hunsberger, ChFC®, CFP®


Ask an Advisor: My wife passed away at 55 with 38 quarters of Social Security earnings. Can I collect survivor’s benefits when I retire?

Jamie Lima, MBA, CFP®, CDFA®


Ask an Advisor: I was married for 28 years before divorcing. I’m 60 now and never remarried. My ex died 3 years ago when he was 65. Can I apply for widow(er) benefits now, and when I turn 67, switch to my own? I was the higher earner.

Elliott Appel, CFP®, CLU®, RLP®


Ask an Advisor: I’m a 61-year-old widow. Can I collect Social Security on my work record at 62 and then switch to my husband’s at his full retirement of 72?

Doug Amis, CFP®️


Ask an Advisor: I was married for well over 10 years, and now divorced for just over 2 years. Can I collect on my spouse’s Social Security even if they are not?

Zack Swad, CFP®


How Much Money Should You Have Saved by Your Age?

Opher Ganel, Ph.D.