Max Pashman, CFP®

I help sales professionals maximize their commission checks.

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Pashman Financial Max Pashman, CFP®
Los Angeles, California

Serving Clients Nationwide

I help sales professionals maximize their commission checks.

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Areas of Focus

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Employee Stock Options
  • Financial Life Planning
  • Money Psychology
  • Taxes

About Me

I'm a fee-only financial planner dedicated to helping sales professionals, equity compensated employees, and other millennials give a purpose to their paycheck.

I left the large financial institutions to start my own RIA. I did it so people could pay for real planning and not just an agenda to sell a hidden product. Pashman Financial was built on that promise by delivering non-cookie cutter plans that deliver solutions to achieve their goals.

Every day I create financial content to motivate drive investors to take control of their finances. Whenever they need help, they are one message away from getting to the next step.

What do I do?

✅ Listen to what your personal, professional, and financial goals are.

✅ Implement a financial blueprint to get you closer to those goals.

✅ Monitor your progress and keep yourself accountable.

What are my services?

💵 Cash Flow Management
📈 Equity Compensation
📊 Investment Planning
📍 Retirement Planning
🛡 Insurance Planning
📚 Education Planning
💲 Tax Management
💳 Debt Repayment
📃 Estate Planning

Who do I serve?

Age: Individuals and families between 25-45 years old
Goals: Looking to jumpstart or improve their financial journey
Target: Sales professionals, equity compensated employees, other millenials
Location: Virtually anywhere in the U.S.

But I love working with people that are driven to make a change. So even if you don’t fit these criteria, feel free to reach out. Your personality is everything.

Why Reach Out?

Let’s be honest. You have little time on your hands to treat your personal finances like it’s a second job. Wouldn’t it be better to focus 100% of your attention on earning money while having those hard-earned dollars work hard for you?

As a fee-only financial planner, I do not receive commissions on any outside products. My incentives are simple: build a customized plan and keep you accountable to hit your established goals. Let me help you maximize your financial knowledge and get you closer to hitting your goals with a plan tailored for you.

Want to chat? Shoot me a message!

Professional Designations



10445, Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, California, 90024

Meeting Options

  • Video Conference
  • In-Person
  • Phone

Compensation Methods

  • Fee Only
  • Flat Fee
  • Subscription

Offers Investment Management




  • English

Who We Serve

  • Business Owners
  • Parents

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