Financial Advisors Gain National Media Recognition by Joining Wealthtender.

Getting quoted in major publications and popular websites is an effective way to build authority, strengthen your online reputation, and boost your SEO to rank higher in online search results. Click here to learn more.

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Gain National Media Recognition.
And So Much More.

Getting quoted in major publications and popular websites is an effective way to build authority, strengthen your online reputation, and boost your SEO to rank higher in online search results.

Financial advisors who sign up for a Wealthtender Growth or Elite subscription plan enjoy exclusive opportunities to gain national media recognition on sites like, hundreds of newspapers nationwide through Associated Press syndication, and visibility across personal finance websites in the Wealthtender Financial Network.

Here’s How it Works:

Wealthtender has partnered with writers who regularly publish articles on their own personal finance websites. Their articles are often syndicated on and newspapers around the US via the Associated Press.

When writers need quotes from financial professionals, they submit requests to Wealthtender with the details which are then delivered straight to your inbox. Financial advisors also receive quote requests from Wealthtender for articles published directly on that are often syndicated to and Associated Press affiliates, too.

Getting Quoted Helps Advisors Grow Faster:

Callout quotes in articles published online build authority and generate interest with SEO benefits that help you rank higher in search results. Once you’ve been quoted in an article, there are several ways you can turn your feature into a powerful marketing opportunity, including:

  • Creating social media posts highlighting your callout quote
  • Previewing the article in your newsletter sent to clients and prospects
  • Adding the article to your ‘media mentions’ page on your website
  • Syndicating (republishing) the article on your own website (ask permission first)
  • Sharing the article with COIs in your niche and local reporters
Wealthtender vs. “Get Quoted in the Media” Services

For financial advisors on a very tight budget, free services like HARO offer opportunities to get quoted in the media, but with considerable noise and competition that can make it challenging to stand out.

On the other end of the spectrum, you’ll find PR agencies that charge thousands of dollars a month or hundreds of dollars per quote placement they secure on your behalf.

When you sign up for a monthly Wealthtender Growth ($39/month) or Elite ($59/month) subscription plan, you gain opportunities every month to get quoted on,, popular finance websites in our network, and media outlets affiliated with the Associated Press for no additional cost.

Here’s a comparison of Wealthtender to two “get quoted in the media” services:

Service ProviderTypical Cost
Qwoted ($150/Month
Vetted ( $350+/Article

Wealthtender offers the industry’s first done-for-you digital marketing toolkit for financial advisors.

The World Has Changed. Are You Ready?

The next generation of investors doesn’t want to be sold to; They want to feel informed and educated.

Modern Advisor Marketing with Wealthtender ensures your future clients gain the knowledge and reassurance they’re looking for online to hire you with confidence and conviction.

With plans starting around $1 / day, you’re joining financial advisors on Wealthtender positioned to lead the industry in attracting new clients throughout the historic transfer of trillions of dollars in wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next decade.

Wealthtender Reviews

We love our community of financial professionals, writers, and educators.
And sometimes they tell us they love us, too.
And for that, we’re grateful.

“Wealthtender is an absolutely vital resource for our marketing and brand recognition needs.  They literally “do it all” from helping maximize SEO benefits to providing media requests to suggesting blog posts or content ideas to help get your name out – you name it!”

Eric Simonson, CFP®, CRPC®, CLTC®

Abundo Wealth

“Prospective clients have many financial advisors to choose from, and online presence is critical during their evaluation process.  Wealthtender makes it easy for me to build rapport with prospects well before they reach out for an initial consultation.

In addition to digital presence and SEO optimization, there are plenty of opportunities for financial advisors like myself to be quoted in national news publications.”

Deb Meyer, CFP®, CPA/PFS, CEPA


“I just spoke to a future client who found me through the website. What you are doing is working, and I’m very appreciative.”

“I love that you are mastering this thing called SEO (search engine optimization). Because you all have done so well with this, I’ve received my first referral client from Wealthtender.”

Danielle Davis

Money in Matrimony

“I can truly say that Wealthtender is a part of my team. They are in my corner, not only marketing my firm, highlighting my services, but cheering me on. Instead of me marketing my firm, which I can and still do, I know that Wealthtender is doing it as well. The price point is fantastic for the value that you receive.”

Maggie Klokkenga, CFP®, CPA

Make a Money Mindshift

“As an advisor, educator, and entrepreneur I understand very well how consumers and learners think and process information before making a decision. Even though I have spent countless hours updating and tweaking my own firm’s website to my liking, I still find myself referring prospective financial planning clients to my profile on Wealthtender BEFORE I even mention my website to them.”

Ross Riskin, DBA, CPA/PFS, CCFC, MS Tax

Riskin Wealth Management

“I am very impressed with the quality of services that Wealthtender offers personal finance bloggers. The community is full of top-quality bloggers as well as finance experts. I love being able to easily connect with experts for my articles. Thank you Wealthtender.”

Theresa Bedford

In the Game Investing

“I’ve enjoyed being a member of Wealthtender, there was just something I found so refreshing about the work you were doing and you were just and still are so authentic. So glad to have been one of the first members.”

“Wealthtender is a great addition to other websites that new RIA business owners can get listed on. It helps us get leads, more press coverage, more opportunities to get into podcasts and further helps to prove our credibility.

The amount of support and help we all get for the cost of Wealthtender makes it easy to justify the cost.”

Blaine Thiederman MBA, CFP®

Progress Wealth Management

“I love the newsletters. Your insight is fresh, innovative, and funny! Its a deadly combo. 😉”

Budget Life List

Budget Life List

“If you take a more hands-on, do-it-yourself approach to your personal finances, then you might want to check out Wealthtender. Wealthtender curates content from professional writers, personal finance bloggers, podcasters, coaches and the like. It’s a wealth of information (pun intended). Whether you’re looking for tips on getting out of debt, making a career move, finding a financial planner (hello!), or something else personal finance-related, Wealthtender is a good place to start.”

Ryan Firth

Mercer Street