Unforgettable Retirement Gifts for Men

By  Danny Newman

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Is a man in your life retiring? Whether it’s your husband, father, brother, or uncle, this major milestone deserves to be recognized and celebrated.

And – guess what – buying him a thoughtful gift is the perfect way to do it! Whether it’s practical, luxurious, or sentimental in nature, giving him something he’ll appreciate will help mark the occasion and show how much you care.

First, though, you have to decide what to buy. In this article, we’re going to make that process a little easier by revealing 7 of the best retirement gifts for men.

1. Personalized Gifts with Masculine Flair

Personalized gifts are perfect for milestone events like retirement. Whether you engrave their initials onto a watch, etch the date of their retirement onto a set of whiskey tumblers, or print a heartfelt message on a piece of art, these thoughtful presents are tailored specifically to the recipient.

They also take their specific tastes and interests into consideration. So if the man in your life loves playing golf, for example, you could engrave their name onto a set of golf clubs. And if they adore a hot cup of coffee in the morning, a personalized mug could be ideal. Ultimately, whatever you choose to do, these special retirement gifts for men hold a unique sentimental value that’s sure to go down well.

2. Memorable & Manly Experiences

One of the hardest parts of buying retirement gifts for men is that they already seem to possess everything they need. Stuck for ideas, you risk buying expensive gizmos they never use or resort to low-cost, practical (and underwhelming) items that you can never own enough of – such as socks or underwear.

In these cases, why not gift an experience instead? You could buy him tickets to go white-water rafting or see his favorite band perform live, attend a cooking class in town or watch next year’s Super Bowl. Not only are these gifts often received with far more gratitude, but they also provide memories that last a lifetime.

3. Travel Gifts He Will Treasure

Travel gifts arguably fall under the umbrella of “experiences”. However, they make such brilliant retirement gifts for men that we think they deserve their own special section! Trust us, if the man in your life has a bad case of wanderlust and you want to make him jump for joy, then buy him some sort of trip.

After all, there’s a reason 25% of people aged 65+ venture overseas each year. Traveling is food for the soul – an ideal way to make up for years spent hard at work. So, whether you buy them a long weekend in Europe, a cruise around the Caribbean, or a short stint in a neighboring state, it’s sure to be well-received.

4. Gourmet Food and/or Drink Items

For epicures entering their golden years, retirement gifts don’t get much better than gourmet food and beverages. From truffles, caviar, and foie gras to artisanal spirits and bottles of Dom Perignon, these types of delicious victuals make some of the best retirement gifts for men who love titillating their taste buds.

Don’t worry if you can’t think of any particular gourmet food or drinks they’d like though. You could always gift them some fancy culinary equipment instead! Mortar and pestles, sous-vide machines, vacuum sealers, professional-grade blenders, immersion circulators, and other such items would make amazing kitchen additions that any self-respecting foodie’s sure to love playing with in retirement.

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Christopher Berry, JD, CELA®, CFP® We help individuals and families work toward achieving their ideal retirements.

A good retirement gift for a man could be something that he has always wanted or something that he can enjoy in his leisure time. Some ideas could include:

  • A trip or vacation
  • A watch
  • A book or a painting
  • A gift certificate to a spa or restaurant
  • A hobby or sports equipment
  • A charitable donation in his name
  • A personalized item like a photo album or an engraved pen
  • A subscription box of his interest
  • A gift card for home improvement or a handyman service
  • A book on retirement planning or how to make the most of your new free time

Again, the most important thing is to give a gift that he will appreciate and enjoy.

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Christopher Berry, JD, CELA®, CFP® | Castle Wealth Group

5. High-Tech Gadgets

Does the man you know who’s retiring love technology? Is he always going out to buy the latest gizmos and gadgets? If so – and you aren’t shopping on a budget – consider buying him something like a smartwatch, a smart home assistant, the newest iPhone, or a high-quality set of headphones.

These types of gifts aren’t cheap, but you can guarantee he’ll both appreciate and use them. Not only that, but many high-tech presents are also useful for helping retirees stay socially engaged and up to speed with current trends. And other types of technology, such as home golf simulators, can help them participate in their favorite hobbies well into their retirement.

6. Gardening Sets and Tools

Gardening sets, tools, and supplies make great gifts for retirees with green thumbs (or for those who’ve expressed an interest in the hobby). Why? Because they make it easier and more practical to get outside and enjoy this rewarding pastime. 

A word of caution, though: take a look at the current tools and supplies in their shed before getting anything new! You’ll avoid the disappointment of buying items they already have and ensure they actually need the equipment in question. Examples of good gardening gifts include pruning sheers, trowels, plants, and seeds.

7. Subscriptions Boxes

Receiving a retirement gift is great. But receiving something month in and month out is even better. Subscription gifts, whether you pay for a monthly craft beer delivery or a selection of artisanal snacks, offer exactly that. Providing ongoing enjoyment for the retiree, they’re quite literally gifts that keep on giving.

The list of subscription box gifts you can get these days is endless, so try to find something that suits the retiree’s tastes and interests. For instance, you could buy them a subscription to “Every Plate” (a meal delivery service) if they don’t like cooking, or a subscription to “Sips by” (a tea delivery company) if they love tea.

Buy the Best Retirement Gifts for Men This Year

While finding the perfect gift for men entering their golden years is rarely easy, a little thought and consideration will help you find something he’ll truly appreciate.

We hope this list of the best retirement gifts for men will make a difference in that regard. Whether he’s a wine connoisseur, travel addict, gadget lover, or an avid sports fan, there should be something here that takes his fancy!

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To make Wealthtender free for readers, we earn money from advertisers, including financial professionals and firms that pay to be featured. This creates a conflict of interest when we favor their promotion over others. Learn more. Wealthtender is not a client of these financial services providers.
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