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We’re helping NAPFA members like you attract their ideal clients as the next generation of investors becomes the now opportunity for growth.

And with the launch of Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender, now is a great time to make the most of the new SEC Marketing rule.

  • Do you have reviews on Google or Yelp you can’t share with prospects?
  • Has Google’s algorithm deleted a client review of yours for no reason?
  • Are you ready to turn online reviews into your best new referral source?

You’re not alone! With Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender, you can:

  • Turn reviews trapped on Google or Yelp into powerful testimonials
  • Rest easy knowing your online reviews will never be deleted by a robot
  • Earn recognition for sharing reviews that put consumers’ interests first

Financial advisors embracing online reviews will lead the industry in attracting new clients throughout the historic transfer of wealth from Baby Boomers to Millennials over the next decade.

Schedule your online review strategy session with me today so we can discuss how Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender can help you reach your growth goals.

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What are Certified Advisor Reviews™?

After 60 years of regulatory prohibition, financial advisors now have a powerful new tool to grow their business thanks to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the launch of Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender.

Certified Advisor Reviews™ from Wealthtender are designed to comply with the new SEC Marketing rule and provide the transparency consumers deserve when their life savings could be at stake. For example, consumers will know if:

  • Compensation in any form was provided for a review
  • Conflicts of interest may have influenced a review 
  • A review was written by a client or other acquaintance of the advisor

Financial advisors who collect and display Certified Advisor Reviews™ demonstrate their commitment to putting consumers’ interests first, whether or not they become a client.

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Your Best New Referral Source.

Financial advisors embracing online reviews will lead the industry in attracting their ideal clients.

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With distance no longer an objection as advisors and clients alike acclimate to Zoom, choosing the advisor best for you instead of closest to you is destined to become the norm.

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Financial advisors join Wealthtender to attract new clients and build authority.
Wealthtender offers unique opportunities for advisors to grow their practice.

Jeremy is proud of the financial certifications he’s earned. And each week, Jeremy gets noticed by prospective clients reading articles on about the designations he holds, including CFP, CFA and CKA.

Advisors joining Wealthtender are automatically listed in articles for each designation they’ve earned, reaching more people interested in their credentials.

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When advisors join Wealthtender, the opportunity to reach new clients extends beyond our platform to popular publications and influential finance websites and podcasts with millions of readers and listeners.

Deb Meyer


Stephanie co-hosts the Take Back Retirement podcast for Gen X and Baby Boomer women. With a free profile page in the Wealthtender finance podcast directory as part of her subscription, Stephanie attracts new subscribers who may become future clients.

Advisors who publish a finance blog or host a podcast can create free profile pages in the Wealthtender finance blog and podcast directories included with their subscription.

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